Tuesday, August 4, 2009

O Is for Oshkosh!

I'll try to get more detailed accounts of the best parts... but Husband and I put together a list of our favorite (and not so favorite) things about Oshkosh! Husband is in blue, my comments are in red.

  • Canine oxygen mask
  • Fan-powered bicycles

Oddest looking plane:

  • In-line twin sea plane by Dornier
  • Stits Sky Baby (world’s smallest plane)

Best innovation:

  • electric light sport airplane (UNEEQ)
  • KindleDX Plates

Favorite memory:

  • P-51 ride
  • Flying formation into Oshkosh

Favorite airshow act:

  • Aeroshell Team
  • Matt Younkin in his twin Beech

Liked least:

  • old naked men in shower (thankfully, only Husband had this problem!)
  • More than an hour of Ford and EAA ads before fly-in movie

Favorite presenter:

  • Captain Sully and Jeff Skyles (a.k.a. "& Crew")
  • Lane Wallace of Flying Magazine

Favorite airplane:

  • Pitts S2C
  • Cessna 195

Best part of Oshkosh:

  • Ice Cream at VIP Tent (yes, we had VIP credentials!)
  • People-watching and the people you meet

Favorite places:

  • Performer’s tent during airshow (this was cool!)
  • Seaplane base (best kept secret)

Best investment:

  • Tent that doesn’t leak
  • Rented bicycles (and learning the shortcuts across the grounds!)

Favorite new gadget:

I promise more details to follow. For now... here's some very BAD poetry.

"O is for Oshkosh"

Oh Oshkosh, your runways are so beautiful- a stage on which the country’s pilots play.
How exciting to crawl each morning from my tent and behold the rows of airplanes glistening in the sun.
How thrilling to see the latest in aviation innovation loop and swirl and dive above our heads each day.
How stirring the roaring, soaring warbirds that remind of sacrifices made by so many.
I thrive in the community of fellow aviators, joined together one week each year—and count the days until I come again.