Saturday, May 12, 2007

Beautiful Cumberland

We flew to Cumberland on Tuesday night. We didn't really intend to fly to Cumberland-- it was supposed to be a Stage 2 Review to make sure I'm ready for my stage check (scheduled for tomorrow, if the weather holds)... but we decided at the last minute to continue on to Cumberland instead of breaking off of the flight plan after I successfully completed a few of the checkpoints (for Stage 2, you plan a cross-country, start through the first few checkpoints, then break off to do VOR tracking and unusual attitudes, etc.). I'm really glad we decided to fly on to CBE. First of all- I love seeing new airports. And secondly-- it was beautiful!

Cumberland is nestled in a valley-- on the edge of a small river. Husband and I have driven through it many times on our way to various places-- and have, in fact, eaten at the Wendy's under the bridge several times. I've always thought of it as a dirty-little town-- much like all the other little steel towns in the West Virginia/Pennsylvania/Maryland countryside. But from the air it was totally different; green, lush, and cute-looking.

Mountain flying is one of those scary-exciting things to me that I want to learn how to do, but am a little hesitant about, too... kind of like peeking through your fingers at an exciting/scary point in a movie. But this was cool. We didn't fly over big mountains-- but we did cross several ridges as we came across from HOAGE. Then, at the end, we started our descent on one side of the ridge, and then, all of a sudden, there was Cumberland, on the other side. It was a little startling to have to get down low enough, find and maneuver to the airport, while keeping track of where the mountains were (on both sides of us). Very cool.

We thought about trying to have dinner there... but alas, the restaurant closed an hour before we got there. Seems to be par for the course for us and finding food while flying! Oh well. I still had a great sunset flight-- and I had fun discovered a little gem of an airport ($100 hamburger, here we come!).

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RustedGranny said...

Cumberland sounded so good, that I've added it to my "fly list". You should plan a trip to WA state. We really have mountains. I'd love to show them to you. I fly a 40 year old 182.