Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Love those Pics!

Since it's a slow time of year for my flying (too much bad weather, too much time spent making pretty and tasty holiday cookies, and too much time in general merriment...), I thought I might post some backlogged pictures from our trip to Nashville at Thanksgiving.

The river coming into Nashvile-- with the dam visible.

Niece G met us with her father, B, at the plane when we landed. We haven't taken her up yet-- her mom wants her to be a little older-- but I have a feeling she'd make a good pilot some day!

Husband and Brother J took a little excursion (via the plane) to J's home in Chattanooga. While there, J showed Husband around their new house, the farm that he manages, and around town. The picture on the left is stacks of shitake mushrooms growing! They brought back a ton of them for us to take home. Yummy! (I'm glad I didn't have to figure out if this is ok to take through security-- also glad I didn't have to think about whether the pumpkin cheesecake I took down to Nashville counted as a gel!). The picture on the right is J showing off his gasoline engine-powered bike. Yup, you read that correctly. J attached a small weedeater engine to a bike in order to provide easy and quick transportation around the farm that he manages. Crazy!

Here we are back at the airport, preflighting for our trip home. As you can tell-- Flyer (the dog) is all ready to hop in the plane. B, G, and Nephew H are taking a few minutes to look at the planes and the equipment around the airport.

And here's a nice group shot of Husband, his mom, and G and H before we loaded up and took off. Maybe one of these days we'll convince Husband's mom to go up with us!

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