Thursday, April 10, 2008

Vacation Time!

Husband and I are taking a little vacation soon. Since we missed the good ski weather (my crazy project kept us from going in March), we've decided that we should go warm instead... so Kauai, here we come! We were hoping to do a little flying while there-- we read a very cool article about flying on Maui... but we can't find an FBO on Kauai. Has anyone heard of any FBOs that fly out of Kauai?

In the meantime, we've found the next best way to explore... we're going to do an ultralight lesson. It looks very cool! And I will definitely post about it afterward. I know some pilots are really hesitant about the whole ultralight scene... but it's actually one of the things that contributed to my wanting to learn to fly. We di a similar thing in Durban (South Africa)-- took an ultralight flight out over the beaches and the ocean. I was terrified to do it-- Husband and the instructor had to sort of talk me into it. But once I was in the air with the instructor, it was amazing! Very different than I expected-- very smooth and freeing. It helped me to really understand the aerodynamics of flying.


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