Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oshkosh Dreamin'

Husband and I are thinking about going to Oshkosh this year! We can't decide whether to attempt flying into Oshkosh itself and camp under the wing of Good Dog, or whether we should fly into Appleton, stay at a hotel there, and drive back and forth to Oshkosh. \

Does anyone have experience making the trek? We're concerned about:
  1. the campground filling up (we're probably not going till the second weekend),
  2. the actual flight into Oshkosh (is it reasonable for two 200+ hour pilots to make that journey?),
  3. what the commute would be like to drive back and forth between Appleton- and find parking each day, and
  4. if it's reasonable to plan to be there about 2.5 days (or is that just way too short to make sense).
I'd love to hear from anyone who's made the pilgrimage and might be able to offer comments!


Anonymous said...

Just an option, but I am renting a fully-equipped trailer from a local RV place, which will be delivered to a nearby campground. I figure it will cut down on the commute. If you want some details, you can contact me at curtiswashdc at-sign yahoo dawt com.

As I've said in the past, I've flown Good Dog before - thanks for making it available!

Head in the Clouds said...

Thanks for the offer! I think we're going to give it a go-- and hope that we can arrive at a time that things are 1) not as busy, and 2) the spots are not filled!

Keith said...

I'm planning on going this year too, though not flying in. Thought about going in a friend's J-5, but we decided it would be too painful (from VA).

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