Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Head in the Clouds... Truly!

Big white, puffy, cumulous clouds. Towering in front of us and then whizzing past the window. I'm worried that we might feel sometime as the one in front gets bigger and bigger in the windscreen, and M warns me to start my scan early so I don't get disoriented as we go in. But it's fine. In and out, sometimes we see bright blue sky, now just the bright white of the clouds, and sometimes it feels like a scene from a movie like in Harry Potter where he rides his broomstick in and out and between the clouds. Except these are happy clouds. The air is pretty smooth-- sometimes a little tiny ripple, not even a bump. Then, just white for a while. It's much easier to do my instrument scan without the hood on, with just the bright white out the window. It's so bright that I'm glad I have my sunglasses on.

All these puffy clouds are because we made a last minute decision on Sunday to stop fighting the uncooperative weather and do an IFR flight to Bay Bridge Airport (W29) in Maryland and go for lunch at a place by the bridge. After filing (no long planning involved!), we piled into the plane and took off. Since Husband had just done a landing lesson with M, I got to fly on the way out-- and experience the very cool cloud-flying. This was my first experience flying into clouds... we've talked about doing an IFR flight for a while-- since we're planning to start our instrument rating right after we finish our private.

Bay Bridge was pretty cool. We walked over to Hemmingway's on the bay (about a mile or so) and had lunch. Pretty good! Husband sat in the left seat with M on the way back, and I entertained myself taking pictures with my cell phone. (see below). There weren't as many clouds-- Husband was disappointed that he didn't get to experience them as much-- but the view of stuff on the ground was a lot better. We flew right over BWI and downtown Baltimore. The bay was also pretty cool as we flew across.

When we got back to JYO, M and I headed back out for a little shortfield practice. I'm a little rusty, and I was also pretty tired... but hopefully am almost there. I figured out that I left for the airport at 11:20 that morning and didn't get home till after 9pm! Long, fun day of flying!

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