Monday, September 24, 2007

Open House at the Flight School

So we had a little shin-dig at the airport this past weekend. We teamed up with the other Cessna G1000 owner and our flight school to throw a little open house. We had the two airplanes on display, and available for discovery flights. We also had a caterer provide BBQ for everyone. We set up a big tent, had door prizes every hour, and talked to a lot of pilots. It was an awesome day.

Husband and I went out in the morning before the event to help with setup and stayed all day. Given how sick Husband has been, I didn't think he'd make it the whole day, but he did. We had a lot of fun talking to different people, and we heard a bunch of flying stories. All-in-all, a great day in the sun! I did take a few other (better) pictures, but I haven't succeeded in getting them from the camera to the computer yet. I'll post them when I do.

One thing that I had the most fun with was making the cake. I volunteered to provide the dessert for the event (in addition to flying, I love to bake and cook). I figured since we were trying to build interest in the G1000 and get more people flying our planes... that I should do something related to the plane. So I decided to replicate the G1000... in cake. If you've ever seen Ace of Cakes... that's kind of what I tried to do. It turned out pretty well. People seemed pretty blown away. A few didn't realize it was a cake at first. One of the instructors asked if which airport was showing on the MDF. (It was sort of JYO... but I didn't use a chart when I drew it, so it's an abstract version!) I was pretty pleased with the cake. I even resisted pointing out its inaccuracy to everyone. I'll see if anyone can spot it from the picture! Husband did, but I think only after I told him I had made a mistake.

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Teller said...

That cake is amazing! When I first saw the thumbnail I thought it was a really poorly designed simulator...then I realized it was an incredibly well designed cake. Astounding! I don't know the G1000 well enough to spot the error though...