Monday, October 1, 2007

Non-Aviation Fun!

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to do something pretty cool. I won two seats at a local radio station's morning show-- on Fridays, this station invites in about 8-10 listeners to sit in on the morning show. For this, the listeners usually get some give-aways and the opportunity to win a few additional prizes! This is not something I would normally ever even consider doing-- I'm usually way too shy for it. But, for some reason, I decided it would be fun. So I called my friend J (I blogged about flying to CBE with her a while ago) and invited her along. She's one of the most outgoing people I know, so I figured she'd help me get into the experience. So, after waking up at 4am to make it to the station by 5am, we sat in on the show from about 5:30 till around 9am.

We had a blast! The show hosts were really cool. They told us a bunch about how things work and how they decide what to play, etc. And I played their "Agree, Disagree" game on the air... and won tickets to the Nationals game! So, Husband and I got to go see the Nationals play their last game in RFK Stadium. Pretty cool!

Oh-- and the special in-studio guest that day was Caroline Rhea. She was really funny- and she was really nice. Here's a picture of my friend and I with Caroline. I'm pretty sure she just rolled out of bed and came in to the studio-- but she was a great sport about it all.

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Rebecca S. said...

That is so cool! That would be a lot of fun. Caroline Rhea does seem like she would be a fun/nice person to hang out with; I watched her talk show when it was on briefly a few years ago. How fun!