Thursday, September 4, 2008

Around and Around, Where Will Hanna Land?

We are supposed to fly down to the Outer Banks this weekend for a family event. Of course, we may not be flying anywhere, depending on where Hanna goes! The weather may be ok for getting down there on Friday and getting back on Sunday. But we're realizing that it becomes more of a question than just being able to get down there safely and then get back safely. We also want our airplane (and us) to be safe through the storm, as well.

So, we've done our homework and called Manteo to see if there is hangar space available (there is), and looked at the weather graphics to see where the storm is predicted to hit-- and how hard. Now, I guess it's just the waiting game. I also have two flight lessons scheduled for tomorrow-- one with my commercial instructor, and one with Husband and our instrument instructor. Hopefully I'll get to fly at least a little tomorrow!

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