Saturday, August 30, 2008


It wasn't pretty, but both I passed the written instrument (Husband passed his, too). The actual exam was harder than any of the practice exams than I took... and I was a little disappointed with my score (an 82), but then again, I passed and it is done. I do think that I know a lot more than that score suggests. Unfortunately, I definitely get test anxiety!

The B-17 was awesome. I'll post about that-- complete with photos! But I think my next stop now is a shower! It's been a long (and hot!) day!


flyaway said...

congratulations. i also passed a few weeks ago and i also thought it was harder than any of the practice tests. the sim lessons are much more fun and i'm looking forward to the next phase before long.

Gary said...


Paul said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, been enjoying catching up on your 'pilot journey' - lots of vicarious fun.

Congrats on the instrument written test, I think the flying is excellent fun!