Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Rain Will Come

Long drought in posting, I know. I've been busy trying to get my written instrument course wrapped up, starting instrument flight lessons again, and generally trying to get started with the commercial course.

Husband and I did successfully complete the King Schools coursework to prepare for the instrument written exam. And we have the exam scheduled for Saturday. Now it's just practice, practice, practice! We both took practice exams last night. I scored and 83%. Not great, but definitely passing (>70%). That was without any review. So we both reviewed the sections we missed together, and we'll take another practice exam tonight. I'm hoping to stay solidly above passing... my ultimate goal is to get better than an 85% (though of course higher would be great!). The stuff we have the most trouble with is, not surprisingly, stuff we don't have in the airplane, and therefore have no experience with. Like-- for instance-- ADFs. But, it seems to be finally sorting itself out in my head... I hope.

Husband and I have now done three flights with our new instrument instructor. I think they're going well. We went for a practice flight 10 days ago to dust off our instrument tracking abilities-- we did climbs, descents, turns, stalls, slow flight, and steep turns under the hood. Last weekend, we met up with T and did our first lesson. It was a late afternoon flight on an incredibly hot and humid day. The air was bumpy and the density altitude high. It took some doing to get Good Dog off the ground and in the air. I really didn't think I performed well. Husband said it wasn't too bad, but I couldn't get the airplane to stay trimmed for more than a couple of minutes. I was pretty frustrated (and a little nauseaus!) by the time we landed and switched pilots. The next evening was a world of difference. The air was smooth, and I felt in control of the plane. I hit my altitudes and my courses pretty well. All in all I was pretty happy with my flying. The third flight was a night flight. Husband started flying before sunset, but by the time we switched seats and I took controls, it was well into night. I think I did ok, but I didn't have the same confidence. Everything seemed a little different-- little things, like glancing at the approach plate to verify the speed became much harder (because now I needed to also balance a red flashlight at the same time as the approach plate!).

I now have a new commercial instructor as well-- but we haven't actually met up yet (though I know who he is from seeing him in the office). If weather holds, then I'll start my commercial training tomorrow! I think I'm about to get all the flying and training I want!

More to come. (Oh- and Husband made us reservations to fly on the B-17 at JYO this weekend!)


flyaway said...

from the b-17 website i couldn't tell how long the flight was and where you were allowed to be (sitting/standing/walking around) in it. do you happen to know? i'm planning on at least going for a ground tour of it.

Head in the Clouds said...

I'm not totally sure--I haven't been talking to them. I think the flight is around an hour (I know we have an hour set aside for the flight in our schedule for it). I do know they've just about filled up the flights for Sat... and are filling Sunday.

Gary said...

I just finished my IR cross country, it's time I take the written. Good luck finishing up the IR to you both!

I'll have to check the schedule on the bombers, they made a stop at ILG and WWD last year. I flew into WWD to take the time to check them out, it was a blast!

brian said...
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brian said...

have always wanted to see detailed pictures of the interior of a B17. I mostly want to see the layout from front to back. how do all the compartments join and what is the size of the interior. If you could get some pictures like this, would you consider posting them?

Head in the Clouds said...

Brian: I'll do my best to get some pictures-- and post them! (If my brain is working after taking my written!)

Flyaway: Husband just told me that you are allowed to get up and walk around inside once airborn.