Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Flying News...

I'm still getting to those Oshkosh posts... but in the meantime, I thought I'd share my flying news that I mentioned a few weeks back! The paperwork is now all signed, so I can say it out loud. Drumroll, please!

I'm officially going to part-time in my current job so that I can have more time to pursue aviation interests! I'm really excited about this-- and am planning to obtain (hopefully quickly) my Commercial and CFI ratings. Of course, Husband and I are still working on our instrument rating together-- so I'm still working out how I'll do some of this in parallel. It was great to walk around Oshkosh and know that I'm doing something to get more into this world.

I'm still formulating my overall plan-- which is why this arrangement is so great. I still have the structure and benefits (and paycheck) from my current job, but I'm able to start making more connections within aviation. I'm not sure where it will lead in the end... I know that my goal is not to be an airline pilot... but other than that, I'm not sure where this will take me. It is a great adventure!


flyaway said...

sounds like an excellent adventure. someday, i'd like to do the same. i'm sure it will go well and be fun for you.

Gary said...

Great Blog!!

I have a good bit of reading to get caught up but hey that's what a slow day at work is for ....right?

I hope you don't mind but I am going to add your blog to my favorite links.

Are you in the Virginia area? Mary and I get down that way often since one of our best friends lives in Newport News. We love getting to shows at the Ferguson Center. It's always a toss up on landing at JGG or Newport News.

Head in the Clouds said...

flyaway: yes, i'm totally psyched! i'll post updates here, of course.

gary: thanks for adding me to your links, i'll add you to mine. :)
we are in virginia-- we fly out of leesburg, which is in northern virginia, near dc. jgg is fun to fly into-- one of my favorites!