Friday, August 29, 2008

Eve of the Instrument Written

It's probably a good thing that my commercial flight lesson cancelled this morning. It meant I spent more time studying for my instrument written exam that I have scheduled for tomorrow. Husband came home around 3pm, and we studied off and on all night. Now I'm heading to bed soon in hopes of a good night sleep. We'll see how the test goes-- I got in the 80-85% range on the practice tests I took. But I've been drilling using Sporty's Study Buddy this evening (highly recommended-- you can select different topics and go through the FAA questions on each), and seem to be converging on scores more in the 88-95% range.

Tomorrow should be fun!

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Gary said...


I've got my face in the books for a final review this week. I want to knock out the test after returning from vacation on the 8th.