Monday, July 23, 2007

The End of an Era

I think I might have been able to resist the lure of the Harry Potter book if I had had to wait until late afternoon when the Postman finally delivered it. But Husband, as he is known to do, surprised me with a copy of the book when he returned home from retaking his written exam around noon (he didn't realize I had ordered one a month or so ago). By 2pm, I was deep into the book, and flying was out of the question! My compromise with myself, however, was to do an early flight the next morning, post the Harry Potter reading frenzy!

(I am happy to report, I started reading at 1pm Saturday, and finished around 11:45pm-- and that included a 1.5 hour break to make and eat dinner with Husband, and a 30 minute break to catch up with M who called on his weekend break from intense airline training! And... the book was awesome!)

So Sunday morning, I pulled myself out of bed at 6am (I am not a morning person!) and we made it out to the airport around 7:30. We decided to do a quick flight up to York, PA for breakfast. It was beautiful! Clear skies, great visibility, calm air, and best of all-- cool temps! Husband and I worked some more on our crew resource management-- i.e. 'what parts of flying are you going to do and what parts am I going to do?'. We're getting more in sync on preflighting and handling the radio/navigation/flight controls, etc. The biggest things to which we have to adjust are 1) Knowing what has/hasn't been done by the other to make sure we stay safe, 2) Adjusting our workflow to fit my slower pace and his faster one, while 3) Making sure that we both have our head in the game and are focused and attuned to the airplane and the flight.

We made it to York without incident and found that the field was filling up fast! It's apparently a popular place! After some debate, we found a spot to tie down... but had some excitement as we exited the plane as I didn't realize I had parked us on an incline-- and the plane started to roll as we hopped out! Husband quickly saw the movement and grabbed the strut and we got things sorted out without further incident. Note to self: make sure the plane won't roll away before exiting the plane!

Then it was time for breakfast. The restaurant there (Orville's Cafe) is great! It's small-- but looks out on the ramp and has a lot of little airplane details. The blueberry pancakes are amazing-- huge, fluffy, and full of blueberries (thanks, M, for the tip!). And the breakfast burrito was great, too. We will definitely be back for more breakfasts! It was also nice that it was only abuot a 35 or 40 minute flight up. In no time at all, we were back at JYO and tying down Good Dog.

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Em said...

I am loving reading about your flying adventures! Ryan's dying to come visit and fly with you!

Haley started the Harry Potter book at 6:30pm on Saturday (we made her wait to get it until all the days events were over so we'd have her full attention most of the day) and she finished it at 3pm on Sunday. Of course she stopped only for sleep and church.