Sunday, July 15, 2007

First Non-Flying Passenger

Husband and I had planned to another dinner flight on Friday, but at the last minute, I have an impulse to invite my friend along for the ride. She's been begging to go up with me-- and was one of the first few I called after getting my Private. She was so excited! We decided, after some debate, that the plan would be for us to meet up with Husband and then go out out to the airport. We would then all three fly out to FDK and meet up with her husband (who would ride their motorcycle from their house-- which is only about 20 miles from FDK). It all went pretty well. We did a nice sightseeing flight out of the ADIZ, and then along the river and across Harpers Ferry and up to FDK. We couldn't believe how quickly it went by-- but it was beautiful weather for flying. Husband and Friend even saw a train chugging along across Harpers Ferry-- and saw one end of the train on one side of a tunnel, and the other end on the other side of the mountain at the other end of the tunnel.

We entered the pattern and got set up for landing behind another small plane. Just then, a Pitts flew by a little above and just in front of us! It was crazy. We could clearly see the paint design on the plane. We landed, taxied right to the restaurant and there was Friend's husband walking out to meet us. It was a great dinner. Cream of crab soup, salad, steaks and crabs cakes... way too much food! After dinner, Friend and her husband got on their bike and rode away, and we loaded up for a trip back to JYO. We were a little worried about the sun setting (the sunset was gorgeous!-- we finally had our sunset flight together!), but it was a nice flight back. It was dusk when we landed, but we still no trouble seeing where to go. What a great night!

When I get the pictures back from Friend, I'll post them...

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