Saturday, July 21, 2007

To Go, or Not to Go....

Ahhh. A great dilemma to have. Do I heed the call of the beautiful blue sky, calm winds, and pleasant temperature and get a few laps of the pattern in? Or do I sate my curiosity by staying home and devouring the latest Harry Potter (hopefully arriving soon by UPS!)? Yes-- I confess, I'm a Harry Potter nut. Okay, so I don't go around in Harry Potter dress and hang out at bookstores till all hours waiting for the book... but I have had mine on order with Amazon for about a month now. And I did convince Husband to go see Order of the Phoenix with me last night... which has left me with a taste for more Potter.

Definitely a tough choice... especially since someone else snuck in a 2 hour session in the plane after my time slot... so no sunset dinner flight with Husband tonight.

And speaking of Husband, he finally has his check ride scheduled! He passed his Stage 3 on Wednesday, and is planning to retake his written today (his results for his written have "expired", so he must retake before he can get his license).

Good Luck, Husband! (And here's hoping Harry doesn't die!)


Rebecca said...

oh..that's a tough call. I would say enjoy the flying; Harry will still be there tonight.

So, Phil is somehow subscribed to your blog, but I couldn't figure out where to subscribe so that I can get the email updates.

Head in the Clouds said...

rebecca-- I can't figure out how he gets the updates, either. maybe he'll be nice and tell you how to do it! thanks for reading, though!