Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun Picture

Didn't fly this past weekend... but have been doing a lot of thinking about flying lately! We're getting close to halfway through the King School lessons for our IFR written exams. So far, nothing is too hard. Hopefully it stays that way!
I hope to have some exciting new flying news soon... well, at least exciting for me! More details on that as I get things ironed out.
In lieu of a post today, I'll leave you with a picture or two...
Husband took this one at the Red Bull Air Races... you can almost hear the engine and smell the exhaust:

Looking down on final at Philadelphia International. The SW Jet landed on the intersecting runaway seconds earlier.

A few weeks back we took Flyer hiking on Roosevelt Island-- an island in the middle of the Potomac River. We had no idea there'd be such great views of the planes landing at National! Some of them were so low they startled us.

While we watched the planes, Flyer hung out in the shade of the bench. (It was HOT that day!)

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Sarah said...

Love your dog! He's so cute, and a fabulous name as well!