Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oshkosh... Ohskosh... Oshkosh...

(Can you hear the chanting?)

Things have reached a frenzied state in the Good Dog residence (well, actually, virtual residence as I'm at work for a few more hours). How do I know we've achieved that frenetic level of activity? Well...
  • Husband has been obsessively checking the aircraft parking and camping status. I think he's up to about one call an hour now!
  • I went so far as to put together a complete notebook for our journey-- with special color-coded tabs and clear folder pockets to hold all of our necessary paperwork. This includes a carefully noted and tabbed version of the NOTAM for Oshkosh, kneeboard airport info for potential overnight spots on our route, our tickets for the "Convention", shopping list for groceries once we arrive, weight and balance sheet with notations on all of the gear we are bringing, airport alternates, frequently used frequencies, and a whole load of reference information.
  • Husband had a 25 item checklist of things he needed to do this morning after he got up... and was already ticking through them when I pulled myself out of bed at 6am.
  • Our route of flight is marked on three sectionals (marked OSH 1, 2, and 3) , two WACs (OSH WAC 1 and 2), and is noted for entry into the G1000...
  • We are anxiously awaiting the 2pm forecast and my stomach has been doing flipflops since last night.
  • We now have contingency plans for our contingency plans... I think.

Our biggest concern now is weather. They are predicting evening TS here, and there is a big line off the west edge of PA... We keep reminding ourselves that even if we only make it an hour or so out of town, that is an hour closer to OSH! I think we might actually be ready... perhaps in spite of our preparations!

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