Thursday, July 24, 2008

One Week and Counting!

Till our arrival at Osh (hopefully!).

The plans are starting to come together. Husband is as excited as I am. I can tell because he took time yesterday to duck into Hudson's Outfitters-- ostensibly to look at whether it would make sense to buy a new, lighter weight tent... and he came home with:

2 new chairs (actually 1 each of two kinds-- so we can choose a kind, and then buy the second)
new sleeping mat-thing... kind of like an air mattress
1 new tent
2 new sleeping bags
1 bar of weatherproof chocolate

We had fun trying everything out. I don't know if we'll keep it all, though. I need to do the calculations to see if the pricetag on the new sleeping bags and sleeping mats makes sense given the increase in available useful load.

Saturday, we'll finish getting the gear together and start making a pile of stuff that needs to go. I may even (gasp) pack the suitcases early! We're hoping to get in the air late on Wed afternoon so that we can fly halfway that evening. Husband is planning to load up and fly up toward my office to fetch me so we can get underway sooner. Then we'll fly about halfway, stop somewhere for the night, and get an early morning start on Thursday. We're hoping to bypass the worst of the traffic in the approach that way... and we're hoping it help ensures we can get a campsite before the weekend rush!

I'm getting excited!

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flyaway said...

that sounds too cool. i wish i could tag along. if it weren't for that pesky mortgage company insisting that i work and pay i would be there in a heartbeat. have fun and please post your experiences!